Welcome to the NRC

The National Research Collaborative, or the NRC, is the home of trainee research collaboratives. We provide support, advice and an open forum to help individualsĀ  or groups looking to get involved in the collaborative research community.

Get Involved

Interested in finding out more? Or where your local or specialty research collaborative group is? We can put you in touch through our collaboratives page.

NRCM 2020

The 2020 National Research Collaborative Meeting (NRCM) is happening online, hosted in Bristol. A series of fantastic webinars are available. More information here.

What are research collaboratives?

Simply put, research collaboratives are teams of healthcare professionals and students who come together to undertake research or audit. These groups are found all over the UK and world. These communities allow better research, by combining expertise and effort of many people together toward a common goal. The National Research Collaborative is where people who are interested in joining can find the group that fits them best. We also provide support and help to new and existing research collaboratives to help them acheive their goals.